Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mid Atlantic Quilt Study

I attended the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Study yearly event on Saturday, in Burlington NJ. About 65 were in there to go from station to station and view and examine 12-15 examples of quilts supplied by individuals or historical societies. I was a presentor and shared quilts with the red and green theme. Plus a couple other early types. They offer a cd of the event for $15. That is available from Judy Grow.


  1. I would have loved to be there! I bet you saw several beauties!

  2. Donna, I like the sashing on the quilt in the photo. I don't usually see sashing that narrow. Who was the maker of this quilt and when was it made?

    I'll bet it was very interesting at the Quilt Study event.

  3. This is an album quilt owned by the Burlington Historical Society. 1848 I think. I will check my photos for a date.

  4. I didn't see a date but every block was stamped with a name local to that area.