Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall on the Mon

The Mon being the Monongahela River. One of the few that  flow North. We live right on the bank. Our house was built in 1830. The staircase was a gift from the Mellons. Before our house was built there was a boatyard on this site. Perfect as we have the river on the back and Ten Mile Creek on the side. Just thought that you might like the view.


  1. your home must be amazing 1830 oh I only dream of living in an old home...can you tell us more about your home?
    the view is amazing.
    must be your favorite time of the year, the colors are beautiful

  2. The house is frame. 2 1/2 stories. 10 rooms and 4 baths. My quilts have there own room on the third floor. We have a boat house down on the river. My husbands excape.He has a big screen t.v. and a frig. What else could he need? We have 8 acres but half of them are under wter. The deed was before they raised the river for barges to be able to naviated the river. Mostly coal is hauled here. A few gas or barges hauling stone. But not very often. Oh and NO neighbors.

  3. Donna, how bought a pic or two of your house? Pretty please?

  4. Oh, that sounds like heaven. Pictures of your home?? Would love to see.