Wednesday, December 8, 2010

White on White from Gr. County H.S.

The pattern that is being made from this quilt is going to be available for puchase benefitting the Greene County H.S.and Museum. THE PATTERN SHOULD BE READY THE FIRST OF THE YEAR. I can take your name now if you would in interested in purchasing a pattern.


  1. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for showing the extra photos, the quilt is gorgeous and now I can see better that it is a wholecloth. Definitely count on me for at least one pattern.
    Great idea to raise funds for the museum this way, I hope this is a success and the museum considers doing this again.

  2. yes I would love to buy the pattern!
    I have always wanted to make a wholecloth quilt
    what size is the quilt?
    amazing now I wonder if I could really make this quilt and do the pattern justice.
    how would you mark it? and recommendations on fabric to use as well?

  3. Kathie -
    I am assuming the pattern will be full size, in which case I would lay the fabric over it and trace directly onto the fabric. If it is half the design, then you would have to repin and trace the other side. A fine cotton would be better to be able to see to trace.

  4. That is an amazing wholecloth quilt!

  5. The size is 88 x 88. It will be done in half. So you just flip it. There will be very good directions included. A fine cotton is perfect to use.

  6. Hi Donna
    I would like a copy too... have wanted to do a wholecloth using cotton sateen. I am hoping to get some marking pointers from a blogger who specialises in Welsh quilts.

  7. I will keep all names and let you know when the pattern is ready. Thanks

  8. That is just beautiful! Think of all the hours that went into it. One day I will try making a wholecloth quilt.