Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A few Antique 4 block quilts


  1. these are just so totally awesome!!! I am just swooning with awww.

  2. Wow what a nice post! Very interesting settings.

  3. Oh my! They are so beautiful. There are a few I would love to own/make. I do love a four block applique. Do you own all these quilts?

  4. Good grief!
    So unique!
    I cant wait to be Meet you!!!

  5. That axe and cherry is a new one to me. Also the cabbins are rather unusual. All are certainly interesting and inspiring.

  6. oh I always love visiting your blog.
    4 block quilts have always tugged at my heart. I just LOVE them.
    that eagle quilt is amazing oh one of those have been on my list forever. love the setting of this eagle quilt too and with those tulips soooo great.
    the Second quilt is just beautiful....I love that block, does it have a name?
    oh the colors in this one too are just perfect.
    the first one love that border...oh I could go on and on!
    thanks for sharing....I am in awe of your quilt collection

  7. These are beautiful and unusual, what a fabulous collection you have !
    Green with envy here .......

  8. Imagine that! These quilters did, and stitched them as proof.
    Lo! That hatchet/cherries block quilt is most unusual.
    Does it have a story?

  9. Hi Nyima. I tried but could not respond to you personally. The hatchet quilt was pieced by my great greatgreat aunt who was bed riden and that's all she did was piece quilts for 20 years. I've not seen another like it .......yet.