Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Look who came to live with me!

 1860 PA Rose of Sharon quilt top. And a few of my fox glove. Enjoy!


  1. The quilt is gorgeous as are your hollyhocks! Lucky woman!!

  2. I think that's foxglove, not hollyhock. Nevertheless, they and the quilt are beautiful.

  3. Both Lovely- But would love the quilt.

  4. Beautiful quilt (and flowers too)
    The buds on the quilt are very charming.
    Vurious...Will you hand quilt the top?

  5. What a lovely piece of work and such beautiful flowers.

  6. what a wonderful applique quilt top - and I am soooo jealous of your hollyhock. I just love them and for get to replant every 2 years. Mine never did self seed.

  7. what beautiful flowers, oh that quilt is just amazing
    you know how much I love red and green quilts.
    the flowers on the border are just fun with those big leaves,
    I can't wait to find a quilt top like this so I can hand quilt it.
    just one of those things I hope to do in my life time.

  8. That green is still to this day, as green as your gorgeous GRASS!!!~ amazing!
    My foxglove are fading now, seed mostly, so I love seeing yours in their prime! :)
    I can't get over how lovely your quilt collection is.