Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Miracles do happen!

Our Christmas miracle!!! This is baby B. (Jameson) He and his twin sister (Jocelyn) were born on Sunday Dec. 23,2012. But this is his story.....

My daught er went into the hospital complaining of pain. She had just been to the doctors on Thursday. The Dr said that they didn't want to take them yet she wanted to wait. So they hooked her up the monitors....Baby A heart beat was good....Baby B no beat. They called in 4 others to comfirm and told my daughter......see these four squares they are the heart. There is no heart beat the baby is dead! They take her in for an emergency C section. They take out the first baby and it is crying, that was Baby B  they take out the second and she is crying.  Now the whole room is crying!
  The dr says there is No explanation for this. The word spread through the hospital . People come in daily saying that they heard her story. The dr that wanted to wait came in and said she was sorry that she was wrong to wait. The dr that delivered called his wife and they were both crying. All is well and he is perfect. And God is Good!!
Merry Christmas!!